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What is Aesthetic Medicine?

“Aesthetic Medicine delivers solutions beyond classic dermatology so patients can move past old flaws — to feel beautiful, sexy and confident with themselves.” Another very important thing to add: it’s not cosmetic surgery! Just as we approach all aspects of your health, our Medical Aesthetics treatments rely on non-invasive, non-surgical solutions for improving your appearance.

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

When you come across the term “regenerative medicine,” what do you think of? Here at Source of Health, it’s a cornerstone of our practice and something we love to educate others about. Let’s look at the general definition, and we’ll introduce you briefly to some of the innovative, effective regenerative medicine treatments we utilize to help our patients.

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IV Therapy, Source of Health

What is IV Therapy?

You’ve probably heard or read about IV Therapy recently – it’s been featured on everything from Good Morning America to your favorite celebrity Instagram accounts.

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