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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

What Is Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet rich plasma therapy, aka PRP therapy, is a type of regenerative medicine treatment. It is a simple procedure wherein we use your own blood plasma to accelerate healing for certain injuries.

Platelet rich plasma therapy requires fewer visits and enhances the body’s natural regenerative capacity. How do we do this? And why?

We draw a small amount of blood on your treatment visit. We then spin the whole blood in a centrifuge. The intent is to separate it into red blood cells, white blood cells, and the plasma. The plasma goes through a second spin to concentrate the platelets.

PRP Therapy Is A Purified Platelet Solution

It has five to 10 times more growth factors than whole blood. This means that it can supercharge the healing process. It is ideal for degenerative spaces and areas with low blood flow.

Platelets are cells that circulate in our blood. When there is damage to the blood vessels, they bind to the damaged area to stop bleeding. They also release growth factors.

Growth factors are proteins that direct the healing process. They stimulate the growth of certain tissues. They are also vital to cell differentiation and division.

Examples of these growth factors are PDGF, VEGF, and TGF-B. They promote tissue proliferation and blood vessel formation. They also wake up stem cells and send a signal to the immune system when there is an injured tissue.

We all have stem cells and they are ‘at rest’ until prompted by growth factors. When they are activated, they go to the injured area to begin healing and repair.

Stem cells do this by differentiating into a specific cell type. In areas affected by chronic joint disease, stem cell depletion is a problem. This can be caused by aging or by a lack of available cells to rejuvenate the tissue.

How Does PRP Work?

PRP is injected into the affected area to accelerate the healing process. Depending on the severity of the injury, progressive improvement can be expected in as fast as six weeks.

This can continue over a span of three to six months. The number of treatments required will vary on a case to case basis.

Studies have shown that PRP can change the environment for a diseased joint. It enhances healing by stimulating the regeneration process.

Where Can You Use PRP Injections?

PRP therapy can be used to manage chronic tendon injuries. It can be effective in treating rotator cuff tendinitis, patellar tendonitis of the knee, and chronic Achilles tendonitis. PRP injections can also be used to speed up healing after surgery.

High-profile sports personalities and celebrities have used PRP injections for acute ligament and muscle injuries. Because of minimal downtime and proven effectiveness, it is ideal for highly competitive athletes.

Is It Safe And Effective?

Yes! Documented platelet rich plasma therapy results speak for themselves.

Ask about our platelet rich plasma reviews from real patients who’ve had success with this therapy. Schedule a free consultation today and let’s get started!

About the Author

Dr. Steven Sorr is the founder and chief medical officer at Source of Health in Scottsdale, AZ, and has been in clinical practice using regenerative medicine since 2013. He received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from SCNM and is a licensed healthcare provider in Arizona.

Dr. Sorr brings a huge passion for life and a diverse educational background of food, yoga, and medicine to the Source of Health. His goal is to revolutionize the standard of care mindset by making significant strides in evidence-based therapies that are drug and surgery-free to restore high-level health for all.

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