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Functional medicine is designed to optimize human health through a deep-dive, holistic approach to medicine. Our doctors are patient-centered and aim to treat the root cause of disease rather than symptoms.

Visit our Scottsdale, AZ office where our functional medicine doctors utilize a total body and systems approach, where health is optimized down to the cellular level. Digging into the deeper layers of understanding how the body works allows us to live better by using resources that are aligned with the natural healing ability of the body. Combining your current cellular story with your health journey creates a powerful action guide and direction for the road to recovery.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Benefits Of Functional Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Most health insurance companies offer reimbursement for office visits with the doctor. These are billable to health insurance companies by submitting an invoice with codes. We are out of network providers and do not have contracts with any insurance companies at our Scottsdale, AZ location so everyone is treated equally and to the highest degree of personalized medicine. Basic labs, imaging, and pharmacy needs are typically covered by insurance. Calling your insurance company ahead of time for clarification can be helpful if you are unsure. We are happy to assist with identifying your coverage.
Click on the link to our blog as we wrote a very in-depth article on what is functional medicine.
Yes. A health savings account allows the patient to spend money they have towards health expenses. Flex Spending Accounts (which are less popular) have more limits on allowable services.
Most labs have wider reference ranges called normal but do not specify what is optimal. A Functional/Naturopathic practitioner is specialized in determining normal vs optimal; and that can make a big difference for those who have been told everything is normal, despite the way they feel.
The time it takes to achieve wellness depends both on the level of severity of an illness, and how long someone has had it. Typically, we recommend a 90 day transformation period with check ups along the way to ensure treatments are working for the patient.

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Source of Health is more than just a medical spa and wellness practice; it’s a sanctuary that seamlessly blends safety, efficacy, and luxury. Using state-of-the-art technologies, our adept professionals deliver results-driven, personalized care in a trusted and comfortable setting. Our conservative yet innovative approach is tailored to meet your individual needs, all while upholding the highest medical and ethical standards. This exquisite fusion of top-notch medical care and unparalleled comfort distinguishes the Source of Health experience, making us your premier destination for quality wellness and aesthetic services. Discover a haven where luxury and effective care coalesce, all designed with you in mind.

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