Dysport Injections: Everything You Need to Know About Dysport

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Have you ever passed by a mirror, seen your reflection, and been stunned by the unexpected creases and lines that appear on your face?

Take a breath. It’s not time to panic. Our skin, especially our face, is one of the first areas to show our age.

However, you don’t need to sit by and watch the wrinkles set in. Today, a wide range of options can restore that youthful look you crave with several minimally invasive procedures. No longer is “going under the knife” the only choice you have to regain your smooth complexion.

Effective Beauty Treatment

You are not alone in wanting to improve your outward beauty without taking drastic measures. In 2020, over 7.8 million minimally invasive injectable procedures were performed nationwide. Additionally, the number of people opting for injectables, or fillers as they are often called, continues to increase at an incredible pace.

In part, the pandemic helped the growth of these procedures. Millions of people found themselves working from home and having to show their faces on video calls. Even over the internet, we all want to look our very best…especially from the neck up!

Injectables: What are the Options?

There are a lot of choices for cosmetic injectables. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming and confusing. While you may be familiar with Botox as a filler, there are many other options with faster and sometimes better results, like Dysport.

What is Dysport?

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is primarily caused by the facial expressions we all make every day, like smiling, frowning, and squinting. Dysport is similar to Botox, as both are a purified form of Botulinum toxin, approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

They differ, however, in the size of their protein molecules. This difference may allow Dysport to deliver softer, more natural effects than the rigid results of Botox. As a result, Dysport injections can achieve outcomes without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face. When administered by an experienced medical expert, the results look natural. You will still be able to smile, frown, and show expressions.

With over 25 years of clinical use worldwide, there is no denying that Dysport is an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of unwanted lines naturally. In addition, research confirms that Dysport treatments are loved by patients and successfully treat wrinkles.

You may be wondering, “is there a place I can get Dysport injections near me?” The answer is yes! The best Dysport source is right in your neighborhood at Source of Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, your one-stop shop for your wellness journey.

The Advantages of Dysport

As a neuromodulator, Dysport will help you look well-rested, increase your confidence, and improve your facial appearance. It offers a variety of advantages over other injectables.

Here’s what to know about Dysport:

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Drastically reduces the appearance of Glabellar lines (referred to as “11” lines between the eyebrows)
  • Helps reduce excessive sweating and oil production in skin, great for those who suffer with acne
  • Research confirms that the beneficial effects of Dysport may show up within 24 hours, which is quicker than Botox and other injectables, but the final result takes up to 14 days
  • Dysport has a higher rate of diffusion, which makes it ideal for treating larger areas, like your forehead or “laugh lines” around your eyes
  • The entire Dysport injection process takes less than two minutes. That means if you work in Scottsdale, you can squeeze in this treatment at our Source of Health Med-Spa on your lunch hour with no downtime required
  • There is virtually no pain during or after the procedure although some report a mild headache that goes away by the end of the day
  • Dysport injections may last three to five months, often longer than other injectables

How Dysport Treatment Works

At Source of Health, one of our trained medical professionals will carefully and precisely inject Dysport into the muscles underlying your affected areas. Dysport works to relax the muscles that cause a frown, forehead lines, crow’s feet, and more.

Dysport is considered safe with minimal side effects and almost all healthy adults are candidates for Dysport injectables.

Since wrinkles and frown lines occur because of repeated movements and muscle contractions, they can even develop in younger adults, especially the Millennials and Gen Z’s. That’s why it is best to start early instead of waiting until you have those deep, etched lines. Dysport may even help block wrinkles and fine lines from forming.Before beginning treatment, always check with your healthcare professional, as Dysport may not be appropriate if you are pregnant, take certain medications, or have a skin disorder.

The Source of Health Difference

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Source of Health delivers a holistic approach to addressing health concerns, including aging. We proudly specialize in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, including Dysport.

If you’re ready to consider injectables or are searching for personalized treatments to improve your health, please contact us to schedule a FREE complimentary Discovery Session. Our skilled and compassionate team at Source of Health is committed to finding the best solutions for your skincare and overall wellness. and begin a program customized just for you.

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