Fatigue / Sleep Disturbances
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IV Therapy and Wellness Shots

Nutritional IV therapy is an excellent way to help your body heal, prevent illness and give it the boost it needs. The IV Drip Lounge at Source of Health in Scottsdale, AZ ensures you are receiving what your body needs, so you can meet your health goals directly and efficiently.

Testosterone & Men's Health

Testosterone therapy enhances men’s health by addressing symptoms of testosterone deficiency, such as fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and decreased libido. Our therapy is tailored to each patient’s needs and aims to restore balance, improve energy levels, and enhance overall well-being.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a great treatment option if you have symptoms of fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, low mood, decreased libido, or frequent colds. Our Source of Health Scottsdale office takes an individualized approach to identifying the root causes of your symptoms so we can restore, rejuvenate, and regenerate from the inside out with our hormone replacement therapy treatments.

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