Learn how to look and feel your absolute best. We offer a functional approach to managing your skin with the skincare treatments at our Scottsdale, AZ office. Our body’s systems work as a unit in a balanced state called homeostasis. When there is something disrupting the flow, there is disorder. Our initial discovery session allows you to meet with our experienced staff to discuss specific details about YOU! Together, we create a customized skin care treatment plan that is designed to identify your main concerns so you can experience aesthetic enhancements to achieve your skin care goals.

Facial, Source of Health


Receiving regular facials is a very important part of maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Every facial is customized to each client’s skin type, and combines cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial masque for increasing circulation, or other treatment masque, and finishing products for full benefits. Every facial ends with an at home treatment plan to promote continual optimal skin health and appearance.
Face Skin Peel, Source of Health


Whether you need a superficial or deep peel depends on your skin’s needs. There are so many amazing benefits from chemical peels, including a more lively looking face. A key result is that patients notice improvements in removal of dead skin cells, pore sizes, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and scars. Upon consultation, treatment expectations and goals will be reviewed to select the most appropriate solution for you.
Dermaplane, Source of Health


Dermaplane can be done as a stand alone treatment or paid with any of the other services offered. Dermaplane is a good form of exfoliation that removes the vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cares on the face. The benefits include smoother makeup application, less skincare products needed, deeper penetration of chemical peels, and glowing skin.
Skincare Routines, Source of Health


Getting professional services is important to restore and rebuild collagen, however maintaining an appropriate at home skincare routine is just as important!  At Source of Health, we proudly offer the most advanced medical grade products for you to practice proper skincare at home. Instead of spending more money guessing which product lines may produce results, let us help you find the best customized plan for you the first time.

“Restoring your youth and vitality only takes the patience and determination to believe your body is on your side. We have the tools to help your body heal and transform so that we can improve the way you move and look each day.”

Dr. Sorr



  1. How often should I have a facial?

    Facials are a fantastic way to maintain the health of your skin and can be scheduled on a monthly basis. 

  2. How long does a typical facial take?

    Our facials are normally 60 minutes, sometimes can be longer if additional services are added on.

  3. Is it normal for my skin to break out after a facial?

    Yes! After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, sometimes the skin can purge excess dirt and oil which can cause small breakouts.

  4. Is there anything I should avoid after my facial?

    Since your skin was exfoliated, you should take a day off from anything that might overstimulate it. This includes getting sweaty at the gym or using any facial scrub; most importantly stay out of the sun. Let your skin rest and enjoy the glow!

  5. Should I schedule my facial the same day as a big event? I want to look perfect!

    Some facials require extractions and light peels that can leave your skin red or lightly inflamed for a few days after. Although you're going to get all the benefits of a facial customized to your skin type, your skin may be a bit sensitive immediately afterward. Schedule your facial a couple of days before your special occasion for the best results.

  6. Can I shave or wax the same day as my facial?

    To avoid possible skin irritation, it's best to wait 48 hours after any facial waxing before having a facial. Men, you may shave your face at least 2 hours before your appointment to get the best results.

  7. Will my cellulite completely go away?

    That all depends on the person! Lifestyle is a huge factor when reducing cellulite. We have seen great results using about a series of 6 treatments and the client changing to a healthier lifestyle.

  8. How often should I get a cellulite reduction treatment?

    ZWave is best done every other day for 6 treatments.

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