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Why source of health Was created

We help clients establish functional habits of health so that regeneration can flourish, and your life-long health can turn into the most optimal trajectory possible.

Source of Health
Source of Health

“If you went back and erased all the mistakes you’ve made, you would erase yourself.”

This is not your typical doctor’s office. Source of Health is a place of regeneration, where you will be welcomed by a community of people dedicated to living in optimal health. Here, we aim to steer away from the harmful side of medicine, and instead, truly listen so that we can help you change the trajectory of your health.

We help people heal on a fundamental level, discovering the root cause of conditions to treat you from the inside out. Our own personal health journeys have provided us with an immense appreciation for medical strategies that are innovative, personalized, and empower you to find the source of health within you.

Our close relationship with all of our patients shows that we really do relate to the struggles you face. As a young college student, I faced my own frustrations with the medical system when I unexpectedly experienced debilitating back pain from herniated discs. Despite the frustrations with the lack of solutions in the health system, soon after my first yoga class, I was guided towards an alternative approach. Fast forward a few years later, pain-free and fueled by gratitude for my recovery, I became passionate about learning how to heal others using a naturopathic modality.

There is no doubt that people look better, feel better, move better, and live better once they shift their mindset and start to believe in the potential for true healing from within. Our practice prides itself on maximizing our patient’s natural healing ability by supporting them with evidence-based protocols to produce incredible results.

We want to ensure your time with us is respected and we share life-changing expertise so the healing can continue once you leave our office. Let’s explore your concerns together, and figure out how to get you where you need to be as quickly as possible. Your second chance at living your happiest life begins now.

Source of Health

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