What is Dextrose Prolotherapy?

What is Dextrose Prolotherapy?

Patient-centered care is a hallmark of our approach at Source of Health. We’re focused on sharing the best tools, technologies, and techniques that modern medicine can offer. When someone comes to us with pain in their body, one of our favorite resources is dextrose prolotherapy. This wonderful regenerative medicine therapy treats issues such as chronic pain, injuries such as tennis elbow, ligament laxity, or degenerative joint disease while fitting into our clinic’s holistic approach.

If you’ve heard good things about dextrose prolotherapy, Scottsdale is one of the best locations for this type of treatment. Dr. Sorr has been helping his local patients tap into this powerful regenerative therapy for years, pairing it with the customized approach to medicine we provide that we refer to as the “4 Pillars of Health.”

So, what’s the buzz about prolotherapy and regenerative medicine? Let’s use a common source of pain and distress: knee injuries. Chances are that you or someone close to you has experienced a knee injury that’s over five years old, getting worse, and think it’s time to see a doctor for help.

Typically, if you visit a surgeon, you’re almost guaranteed that you’ll be recommended surgery. After researching more online, you might also be tempted to go to a tissue repair clinic for help, where they stick with a “no questions asked” scenario and a quick in-and-out-the-door.

Our approach is different. It’s holistic, and it doesn’t assume that a quick-fix steroid injection or surgical intervention is going to solve your pain and loss of movement. When you visit Source of Health, Dr. Sorr will introduce you to our patient-centered approach – and you’ll begin to feel proactive in your healing process. Let’s walk through what that process looks like through each pillar of health!

Move Better

First, our team will focus on finding out the root dysfunction of your knee injury, rather than just treating the symptoms. We’ll work together to design a complete body reconditioning program.

The first hurdle and this is a surprise for some patients, is to make sure that you move better. The most empowering thing about this part of the process is that you can begin a specialized training program right away. In doing so, you’ll reduce pain and the risk of future injury while increasing your awareness of how you move. Our patients learn that movement is an effective medicine too and get down to the WHY of their pain and movement issues. Because ultimately, what is the point of regenerating damaged tissue if you don’t clean up the pattern of movement that created it? While this is definitely a powerful part of the healing process, we’re just getting started!

Live Better

The next step is ensuring that your body’s biochemistry is both functionally balanced and optimized. We believe in promoting good health at the cellular level, which will in turn prepare your knee, or any other part of your body, to receive treatment. Here, our team will learn more about your biological story at a deep, whole-body level, as we assess hormones, blood sugar, inflammation markers, and more.

Again, our approach is a little different. Dr. Sorr, as a Functional Medicine practitioner, is a specialist in determining optimal lab results. It turns out that those “normal” lab results might be holding you back from your optimized best! Once our team has thoroughly reviewed your diagnostics, nutrition and supplement recommendations are included in our approach. The reason for this is simple: we look at your body as a system – and we want to ensure it has all the raw materials it needs to function at its best levels.

Heal Better

Finally, after addressing how you can move better and live better, the chronically damaged tissue in your knee is ready to be regenerated. Skipping these crucial steps of the process can deter you from seeing optimal results. At this point, we might use any combination of therapies such as dextrose prolotherapy, ozone, PRP, and tissue repair therapy. So let’s look at how prolotherapy, in particular, can help heal your knee injury without any incisions, surgery, or long-term steroid shots.

Dextrose prolotherapy uses a natural solution that contains dextrose – a form of glucose. When injected in small amounts to the site of painful or injured tendons, joints, and ligaments, it produces powerful effects at the cellular level. How powerful?

Even though you can’t see what’s happening, the dextrose solution dehydrates the cells at the injection site. This small bit of local tissue trauma brings in the healing cells of your body to do what they do best. Immune cells (granulocytes) and macrophages respond by flooding the area, promoting healing at the most basic and powerful level, and activating other cells to regenerate healthy tissues. For your slow-to-heal knee, this can be just the boost it needs.

But that’s not all prolotherapy can treat! As one clinical trial has shown, dextrose prolotherapy injections have helped decrease pain among knee osteoarthritis patients and provided a better therapeutic effect when compared to exercise and local anesthetic.

Source of Health also offers Prolozone therapy for acute and chronic joint pain. It combines dextrose prolotherapy with a reactive form of oxygen (Ozone) for use in and around joints. As used in the U.S. and Europe for decades, it utilizes a precise combination of dextrose and ozone to initiate the release of Growth Factors in the area while acting on the pain receptors. The result is both tissue rejuvenation and pain relief.


The deep healing that occurs with dextrose prolotherapy isn’t an instant fix. You can typically expect 3-6 treatments over the course of a year to see significant changes in stability. However, your total benefits from having your health issues treated holistically provide both short-term and life-long improvement. If you’ve never experienced an open communication process with a Naturopathic physician, you’ll be surprised at how every aspect of your health can benefit.

So, you can see how searching “knee pain treatments near me” is just skimming the surface of what is truly important to look for in your journey to health. Prolotherapy, done the right way with proper preparation, is outstanding for injuries and pain, offering healing at the deepest levels, with no invasive surgeries or incisions.

It’s probably easy now to imagine how the combination of tissue rejuvenation, balanced body biochemistry, and correct movement can treat an incredible range of conditions. It’s helpful from head to toe – literally! Everything from TMJ and migraines to sports injuries and foot and ankle pain can benefit from prolotherapy and the Source of Health “4 Pillars Approach.” We continue to be inspired by the synergistic results and improved patient outcomes that leave our patients healthier and happier. If you’re curious about starting the process for yourself, contact us today for your initial discovery session!

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