What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine

Here at Source of Health, we’re dedicated to treating the whole patient through two modalities: Rejuvenative Medicine and Functional Medicine. They’re both parts of a holistic approach – working in harmony but focusing on different treatments. Although many of our regenerative procedures may seem familiar, you may be wondering: What is Functional Medicine, and what can I expect from this kind of practice?

Great question! Let’s talk more about Functional Medicine treatments and how Dr. Sorr’s approach to patient care gets to the root cause of symptoms. It’s a model based on in-depth analysis and highly personalized treatment and optimal wellness plans for each patient.

When patients are stuck on the “pill for every ill” track, they may never address the fundamental causes of their problems. Functional Medicine goes to the core of illnesses – identifying issues at the cellular level. Instead of merely treating symptoms, Functional Medicine practices are committed to finding out How and Why diseases occur – and then working on systemic healing that addresses both current and long-term health.

How to Choose a Functional Medicine Doctor

You’ll find that The Source of Health team uses a total body and systems-based approach. A key component of your journey with us includes both in-depth diagnostics and listening. More than ever, modern medicine needs truly personalized, insightful, patient treatment. At its foundation, the Functional Medicine approach ensures that we must always hear you, as well as examine you.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

We’ll begin with a careful, non-hurried discussion of your health history, and gather all the information available for your complete health profile. Discussing your health history is a core principle of Functional Medicine, and it goes hand-in-hand with our second belief: your treatment is a collaboration with your doctor. We’ll help you identify the issues and work with you to decide on your best treatment plan. Your input is essential, and you’ll be the catalyst for making the changes you need for optimal health.

The next step of the Functional Medicine approach relies on scientific data. Based on your history, your Functional Medicine Doctor will look at various lifestyle, genetic, and biochemical factors, and use this information to create a tailored treatment plan.

As you might expect, this will include a thorough physical examination, as well as laboratory testing. You’ll also encounter a more intensive analysis of diet and other parts of your total health picture.

A nutritional assessment is a big part of this diagnostic strategy, allowing your physician to see and address deficiencies and imbalances. Functional Medicine views your body as a system, and the raw materials it uses must be available in optimal amounts. Your test results will ensure that your body returns to its correct balance, with your doctor making recommendations on achieving this goal.

Introduction to Treatment Options

Restoring your health to a place where you look and feel better is the aim of Functional Medicine. At Source of Health, we utilize treatments that tackle the root causes of illness and disease. Based on your initial diagnosis, we may incorporate these into the health plan you collaborate on with your physician.

One area of imbalance can be addressed with Peptide Injections. Like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, this customized treatment helps restore optimal body function and correct imbalances your doctor has identified. As peptides can stimulate the body’s hormone production, they are a proven way to treat weight issues, muscle building, and libido concerns, as well as for assistance in areas such as wound healing, aging-related problems, and cognitive enhancement.

For the fastest resolution of biochemical issues, Nutritional IV Therapy is an excellent treatment option. Based on the data from lab tests, you may be treated with IV fluids that go to work quickly and more efficiently than oral dosing. As the nutrients enter your bloodstream directly, they go right to work, helping your body heal, repair, and boost the production of crucial substances like collagen.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is another effective and commonly-used treatment that can address a multitude of health issues. As we age, hormone levels fluctuate and shift out of their optimum ranges, causing problems with your immune system, libido, moods, energy, and more. These can all be restored to a more healthy baseline by using bioidentical hormone therapy. Issues with estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and progesterone are yet another cellular-level imbalance that Functional Medicine identifies and treats.

Beyond your initial visit, your Functional Medicine practitioner is dedicated to your long-term, sustainable wellness. You’ll learn about multimodal treatment plans, have a better picture of your total health and your role in maintaining it, and experience a relationship with your doctor that is collaborative and respectful.

If you’re ready to work with this regenerative, holistic approach to your health, and experience the benefits of Functional Medicine, Scottsdale is an ideal location. At Source of Health, we’re ready to answer your questions and make sure we’re the perfect partner for your total wellness journey. Contact us now for an initial discovery session.

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