What is Rejuvenative Medicine?

What is Rejuvenative Medicine?

When you come across the term “regenerative medicine,” what do you think of? Here at Source of Health, it’s a cornerstone of our practice and something we love to educate others about. Dr. Sorr has been working with a range of regenerative medicine therapies throughout his career and is passionate about sharing his knowledge. Let’s look at the general definition, and we’ll introduce you briefly to some of the innovative, effective regenerative medicine treatments we utilize to help our patients.

Rejuvenative Medicine is a strategy that uses the body’s own ability to heal. It targets the damaged area that has been affected by disease or injury – and then enhances the body’s natural healing processes. To do this, Dr. Sorr utilizes a range of tools without resorting to drugs or surgery (keep reading for some examples below). This is becoming the new standard model of health treatment.

This approach is entirely in sync with how we use Integrative Medicine. Rather than treating just symptoms, we treat the whole person, and we’re focused on healing from the inside out. Rejuvenative Medicine does precisely this – by going right to the source of your pain or dysfunction and stimulating natural growth and repair at a cellular level.

Now, let’s introduce some of the treatments we offer and demystify them a bit. Under Dr. Sorr’s guidance, our patients have access to several complementary therapies.

Tissue Repair Therapy

You’ve probably heard that Tissue repair treatments can be a way to repair and heal target areas within the body. At our clinic, Dr. Sorr uses tissue repair, also referred to as Medicinal Signaling Cells (MSC), to treat soft tissue and joint issues. Some examples are repetitive motion injuries, inflamed nerves, and arthritic joints – but many areas of the body can be helped. It’s a progressive treatment that heals and restores – and it surpasses the quick fixes that pain pill prescriptions provide.

We obtain these MSCs from your body’s fat or bone marrow while you’re at our clinic. They’re extracted at our lab and are carefully injected by Dr. Sorr into the targeted areas for treatment. Doctors have been using MSC as a keystone of regenerative medicine for decades, and the benefits are clear: no surgery, reduced pain, and fewer pain medications.

PRP Injections

Now that you’ve read about the means for using carefully targeted injections to stimulate healing and repair let’s look at another Rejuvenative Medicine treatment. In Natural Growth Factor therapy, we harness the supercharged healing powers of your blood platelets. When platelets reach the site of injuries, they’re powerhouses: releasing small proteins known as Growth Factors. These proteins go to work, directing the healing process – starting tissue growth, blood vessel proliferation, and more.

As you might expect from those benefits, PRP has an incredibly wide range of applications where it can accelerate healing and regeneration in areas with both chronic and new issues. Post-surgery recovery, arthritic joints, and even rejuvenating thinning hair and erectile dysfunction are common uses for PRP injections. Natural Growth Factor Injection therapy uses a small amount of your blood to prepare the concentrated platelet solution while still at our office. Dr. Sorr utilizes ultrasound guidance for the precise placement of the injection.

Prolotherapy & Ozone Treatments

Prolotherapy is another game-changer for conditions that involve ligament injuries and issues, soft tissue damage, knee, hip, and low back pain, degenerative joint disease, and much more. This is the original regenerative medicine therapy that was first used back in the 1950s – and it’s still in use! At Source of Health, our treatments allow our patients to get away from endless cortisone shots by utilizing their body’s healing capacity.

Dextrose Prolotherapy utilizes injections of a natural form of sugar: dextrose, to stimulate the natural regenerative process. Over the course of several sessions, patients can expect to receive an improvement in their symptoms and even avoid surgery. It’s a safe, effective way to relieve even chronic pain.

Dr. Sorr also offers pain management with Prolozone, an injection that utilizes both prolotherapy and ozone. Ozone is a form of Oxygen (O3) that’s been widely used for decades in Europe and the U.S. This therapy initiates the release of Growth Factors to help rejuvenation in the affected area, as well as providing pain relief through its action on the associated pain receptors.

Nerve Hydro Dissection

One may also experience significant pain when nerves become constricted by scarring or fascial adhesions in our muscles. Nerve Hydrodissection, also known as Perineural Injection Therapy, or Neural Prolotherapy, as a means for treatment is not as widely known but has been around for more than 60 years! It can be profoundly effective in treating pain at the literal source – the nerve. Dr. Sorr has been using this therapeutic treatment for years to treat issues such as neuralgia, plantar fasciitis, and chronic pain. Again, rather than a quick fix or prescription, this regenerative medicine therapy frees the constricted nerve and promotes healing without pain.

As you would expect, this is a precisely-placed injection, where Dr. Sorr utilizes ultrasound guidance to pinpoint the area. He then injects a solution of calming dextrose D5W (literally sterile, diluted sugar water) that gently expands the tissue around the nerve and frees it from entrapment. Relief can sometimes be almost immediate.

Cupping, Acupuncture, Adjustments

These time-honored regenerative medicine treatments can also provide relief and help a wide range of painful conditions. Under Dr. Sorr’s guidance, our clinic provides a tailored approach to meet each patient’s needs – your treatments are always done in conjunction with a full medical workup and are part of a plan to address your total health.

Services such as Cupping, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic Adjustments are part of the complementary therapies Dr. Sorr utilizes. Cupping, or Decompression Myofascial Release, looks a little different from some other treatments, but the results are clear. It uses suction cups to help loosen muscles and notes, free myofascial tissue, and increase blood flow to specific areas of the body. Acupuncture is a valuable tool for Dr. Sorr, who uses fine needles to improve blood flow and decrease pain in areas that need healing. It’s a relaxing, peaceful therapy that can be done at any time.

For those in need of a more targeted treatment, Chiropractic Adjustments help realign the spine and treat painful musculoskeletal conditions. This traditional therapy treats pain and dysfunction gently by returning backs, necks, or even hands and feet to their correct alignment.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

As with all our therapies at our clinic, our Erectile Dysfunction Treatment approach seeks to address the problem at its source. Rather than prescribing pills, Dr. Sorr will take a complete diagnostic approach to rule out issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, or nerve problems.

Working with you, Dr. Sorr can provide a second opinion for treating Erectile Dysfunction and suggest an alternative therapy: the PRP shot. As with other Natural Growth Factors injections, this utilizes the regenerative effects of Growth Factor proteins. Rather than using artificial methods to address erectile dysfunction, these treatments utilize your body’s healing processes and blood platelets to stimulate collagen, nerve, and blood vessel growth. When combined with gentle acoustic soundwave treatments, a series of injections can rejuvenate the penis over the course of months.

Hopefully, this introduction to our regenerative medicine treatment options has you interested in learning more about controlling your health without invasive procedures and prescriptions. If you’re in the Scottsdale area and are wondering, “Great! Where is regenerative therapy near me?” – we have great news! Source of Health is here in Scottsdale, and we love to talk about Integrative Medicine! Whether being interviewed about cupping, tissue repair therapies, and more, Dr. Sorr is a champion of rejuvenation medicine therapies and a source of expertise. The team at our clinic is ready to work with you on your customized journey to optimal health. Contact us to schedule a Discovery Session with Dr. Sorr!

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