Aging, over-expressing, and sun damage all cause the natural substance call hyaluronic acid (HA) in our skin to diminish. Dermal fillers are made from HA or hyaluronic acid, a long-chain sugar molecule that naturally exists in our body. Hyaluronic Acid holds onto water, plumping up the spaces between cells, collagen, and other important structures. HA fillers such as the most popular brands, Restylane and Juvederm families, offer excellent results instantly to restore facial volume and rehydrate fine lines, wrinkles, and even deeper folds.

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Dermal fillers are made from HA or hyaluronic acid, a long-chain sugar molecule that naturally exists in our body. Restylane and Juvederm are the most popular brands of HA fillers in the US that helps to diminish facial aging lines and restore facial volume. These fillers plump and fill tissue that has lost volume such as tissues found in temples, cheeks, lips, chin, and jaw. They come in various levels from soft to firm depending on the desired placement and effects. We use the Restylane family and Prollenium Versa line.

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These are injectables that create collagen deep down right above bone to resuspend fat pads that have fallen or lost volume. Sculptra, Radiesse and Bellafill are in a class of their own as these injectables are actually stimulating special cells, called fibroblasts, to produce collagen below the skin. These all work over 4-6 weeks to revolumize the underlying tissue. These are excellent choices for a longer lasting solution to age-related volume loss.

Sculptra: PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) what dissolvable sutures are made from, this product is injected to stimulate collagen in temples, cheeks, and jawline. This can also be used to treat neck and decollete, saggy arms, knees, buttock (butt lift).

Radiesse: (Calcium Hydroxyapatite) Another collagen stimulator, this product builds volume back up in areas of loss.

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Frowning, squinting, scowls, and even gummy smiles all cause the skin above the muscle to bend and fold over time. This is what creates wrinkles. Muscles contract because of a nervous system impulse directed at that muscle; so by applying small amounts of neurotoxin to that specific muscle, the nerve doesn't fire that impulse and the skin softens above it. Essentially lasting 3-4 months as muscle relaxers, Botox, as well as Dysport and Xeomin are the 3 brands of neurotoxin (purified protein) on the market that do the job.


A brand of botox that is known for kicking in quicker and lasting longer, this incredible tool relaxes muscles of motion that create wrinkles such as between the eyebrows (glabella), forehead, crow’s feet, chin, and more. It is also fantastic for people with TMJ pain or grinding teeth- placing the medicine into the masseter to relax the power of the bite and relieves pain. It also has a jaw slimming effect for women who do not want a box/square jaw.

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(Phosphatidylcholine/deoxycholic acid) also known as - The Fat Melter! This injectable causes fat cells to die and dissolve fat in a specific area. Most commonly used for the double chin (submental fat) but also available to inject other places such as the belly and bra fat. It causes quite a bit of swelling and discomfort so this one has downtime and mild to moderate pain afterward. That is covered in a consultation with each patient.

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  1. What are fillers used for?

    Dermal Fillers are ideal for wrinkles and deep fold lines that are visible when the face is relaxed and making no expression. Fillers can instantly smooth out these lined areas. All four of these products are Restylane:

    Lyft – the most structurally supporting filler on the market, ideal for cheekbones and midface volume

    Defyne – ideal for deep nasolabial fold, lips and lower face where there is naturally more movement and facial expression

    Refyne – this is the lightest and most stretchable of all the HA fillers and is used for thin skin types for fine lines

    Silk – a medium strength structural support filler for lips and nasolabial folds

  2. How long do fillers last?
    This is one of the most common questions we are asked, how long do fillers last? Every person is different. Typically these products can last anywhere from 6 months to just over a year. Your first treatment will determine your body’s ability to hold a filler as everyone’s individual metabolisms and lifestyles can speed up the breakdown of the product used. Best practice for use of fillers is to check-in at about halfway through the expected timeframe. At that visit, we determine just for you whether to add a little more or wait longer. Dermal Fillers are used in conjunction with a total skincare program. Holistic Functional Medicine with nutrition, hormone balancing, and lifestyle modifications can extend the life of your treatments.
  3. How much do fillers cost?
    Cost of fillers can run hundreds of dollars per syringe and vary slightly. Each syringe is 1ml which is equivalent to 1/5th of a teaspoon. The skilled provider knows precisely how to maximize the placement of the injectable. We pride ourselves in providing a sliding scale for treatments. For example, one syringe is going to cost more than two, three or four respectively at the same visit. In addition, aesthetic memberships can add additional savings for all of your needs. After a thorough consultation, we can determine a plan that fits into any budget.
  4. What’s the difference between Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin?
    The main difference is the company name. These are all botulinum toxin that is delivered in a freeze-dried form. Once reconstituted in bacteriostatic saline, these proteins are injected into a muscle, disrupting the way the nerve communicates with the muscle thereby decreasing the movement and the wrinkles it creates.


During your initial discovery session, we’ll listen to your concerns and make sure we are a great fit to help you. We’ll review any recent imaging, labs or other pertinent information. But most importantly, we’ll listen.